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About us

Intellectual Gift Inc. is a multi-lingual early intervention agency. Our highly experienced clinicians perform multi-disciplinary evaluations and home care services for children ages (0 - 3).

Child drawing.

Wondering if your child would benefit from early intervention services?

If you live in New York City and your infant or toddler displays a 33% delay in one functional ares or a 25% delay in each of two areas of development (physical, cognitive,

social, self-care,speech) you may be eligible for free therapy provided at home, daycare, or a community location.

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If you have questions about your child's talking, feeding, walking, handling toys, vision, hearing, playing alone or with others you can call

Intellectual Gift at 215-432-6613.

An Intellectual Gift Registration Coordinator will talk with you about your child and listen to your concerns.

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